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Exam Room Pack

Exam Room Pack

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A laminated, ringed pack of fact sheets that can be used in offices and exam rooms for easy reference during patient care. The pack contains five sheets, one each of the following:

Your Birth Control Choices (8.5x11 in., 2 sided) compares different birth control methods by efficacy. The sheet enables patients to compare the pros and cons of different methods, along with common side effects.

Birth Control Choices for People Assigned Male at Birth (8.5x11 in.) compares your birth control choices if you have a penis. The sheet explains how to use different methods, things to know, and how well each method works. Ideal for health centers, doctor’s offices, and school clinics.

IUD Facts (8.5x11 in., 2 sided) explains how the Intrauterine Device (IUD) works. Includes a chart that compares and contrasts the copper and hormonal IUDs. 

Miscarriage Treatment Options (8.5x11 in.) compares the 3 types of miscarriage management: watch and wait, medication, and suction procedure.

Early Abortion Options (8.5x11 in., 2 sided) explains basic information about early abortion options. Compares and contrasts medication abortion and aspiration abortion procedures.

Available in English or Spanish. Laminated using 5 Mil laminating sheets. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

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